aTunes is designed in such a way that using it does not require any previous experience: you need only to choose the folders containing the music that you want to enjoy and let the software take care of the rest.

aTunes is also an interesting compliment to all the opportunities that the Web offers. Thus, with this utility you will have access to a large quantity of exclusive content: from music, videos, disc covers, and discographical information to your favorite song lyrics.



You can also enjoy any videoclip that is loaded on pages like YouTube or Google Video by simply selecting the corresponding option. In a side window, you will be able to choose the video that you like the most. aTunes also provides the function to search for alternatives similar to the artists that you want to view. This feature is very interesting since it offers alternatives based on the genre and type of music.


Full Interaction

aTunes also makes available all the information about your favorite groups. This can be done by performing a query via Wikipedia and Thus, while you are listening to your favorite song, you can become acquainted with the artist, their complete discography, find out where the song was recorded, the ranking it currently has and leave comments. Download now!

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Windows XP/VISTA and LINUX

Play formats like MP3, OGG, WAV, MP4, M4A, etc. Create, edit and manage interactive play lists. Watch videos on YouTube, Googlevideo, etc.